Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Road Rage

Baltimore isn't exactly your most "bike friendly" city. There are virtually no bike lanes. There is this sad excuse for a lane that the city likes to install once and awhile, called a "sharrow." It's really just a stencil of a bike on the road in the middle of a car lane...ya know...just to remind people "HEY! We're riding here, too!" Of course, that's after they drive you off the road and into a snowbank.

Therefore, when I see pictures like this (above), it makes me dream of living in a city that lets me bike freely, without the constant fear of bike theft, non-existent lanes and selfish drivers. Won't you join in on this dream with me? If you live in Baltimore, or any city where cyclists aren't exactly seen as equals to cars, email your local Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner. Here is Baltimore's one-man show:

Nate Evans
Baltimore Bicycle & Pedestrian Planner

I don't expect to see the likes of a European city any time soon, but maybe a few extra lanes (not sharrows) would be nice.
{image via the sartorialist}

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  1. True story: I get nervous for the cyclists I see around town, particularly in the Mt. Vernon-ish section of the city. There's like no space for you guys! Eeks!