Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gesine's Winter-Worthy Carrot Cake

Cakes are hard work. I will admit that when the going gets tough, and I'm craving baked goods, I usually go for making cookies or brownies- something that will not require me to utilize my horrendous icing skills. However, after reading Gesine's book, my mouth was salivating thinking about this recipe, along with all the other family recipes she so generously gives away to us common folk.

This is her legendary carrot cake. I was home this past weekend at my parents' house in PA. A fresh layer of powder was glistening on the tree limbs outside, and the bitter weather kept me housebound. What else is a girl to do but bake??

My arms were practically falling off after using my mom's ancient hand grater to "finely grate" an entire pound of carrots. (Afterwards, it was officially broken. woops.) However, it was well worth it. The cake only lasted through the weekend between myself, my mom, dad and the last piece polished off with my friend Nicole. EXTREMELY moist, fluffy, light, scrumptious. amazing.

cream cheese icing. the best.

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