Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Food Revolution

I saw a lecture today by Marion Nestle, a highly-esteemed professor from NYU, an author and foody who is passionate about everything food. Most importantly, she is passionate about nutrition and making nutritious foods accessible to those who can least afford it.

Among the numerous horrors she's uncovered regarding the food industry and its drive for dollars rather than the health of people, she is specifically devoted to fighting the battle against food industries marketing campaigns to kids and underserved youth who are most susceptible to the tragic health effects of unhealthy, processed foods.

However, there are movements all over the country these days that are working towards promoting better health (and more accessible health!) for youth and those less fortunate. Salman sent me this link highlighting the efforts of the Hamilton Crop Circle here in Baltimore, which is creating a network of local schools, restaurants, farmer's markets, etc. to make a better Baltimore through sustainable, and affordable healthy foods!

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I also urge you to check out Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, which has just finished it's first season on the air. The famous (and slightly attractive) English chef has just received the TED prize to fight obesity in the US through educating the public about how to eat healthier and what's really being served in their school cafeterias. It's a great show...and it's none of that "reality" tv stuff...it's the real deal!

As a lover of all things food and all things healthy, I cannot help but deeply appreciate the lengths at which people are going to give others the opportunity to eat better.

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