Monday, May 17, 2010

Where I Want to Be

{via here}

I am ready for the summer! I am ready for the salty sea breeze to tangle my hair. I am ready for tan skin and BBQ smell. I am ready for open windows and humid nights. I am ready for freetime and sunshine...


  1. Oh I am so ready for that too! I love that photo... it just screams summer.

    The race was just a 5k.... I usually don't run more than a 10k because then it stops being fun after a point for me. haha. I really just run for me and for fun. I don't increase miles... just minutes. I will run for 25 mins straight... then 35... then 45... all along keeping a pace that would insure that the milage is upped each time. This way you can run where ever you want without worrying about miles... just mins. That may work!

  2. me too! summer time is so freeing, i loved breathing in the warm air today on the walk home from work. yay!