Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Woodberry Kitchen Recipe

For Salman's surprise send-off dinner, I gathered a group of our friends to pop out from behind the firepit at Woodberry Kitchen. It was a delicious meal (they never let me down), out of which I particularly fell in love with the honey-glazed peach salad. I decided that I would try to make it myself last night, since I had nothing better to do and I have been lazy about cooking lately. and VOILA! It was easy schmeasy!

ingredients (for a 1-person salad...just multiply everything evenly to make more):
1 peach, sliced
1 heaping tspn of honey (I used lavender honey, but I'm sure regular honey would taste just fine, as well)
1 tspn sea salt
5-7 basil leaves

throw it all in a bowl and gently mix it until the honey is evenly dispersed amongst the peach slices. Throw onto a dish and dig in. (served cold.)

I'm also extremely excited for fall weather to arrive. Who's with me on this one?! I can remember only a few months ago when I was craving summer heat and sun, and now I'm trying to hold myself back from taking out all of my winter clothes. I guess that's the luxury of seasons- you get sick of one, and the other is not far behind.

In the meantime, I'll be staying cool and eating lots of peach salads :)


  1. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE FALL!!!! Sweaters are my favorite piece of clothing, and fall/early winter are the best time for them. Eventually it gets too cold, but I am definitely not a summer person. Are you on the east coast too? This summer has been brutal!

  2. Ooh, love Woodberry, but haven't been there in a bit (our newest obsession has been Jack's Bistro, other restaurants have been left in the dust for awhile). Thanks for sharing this recipe -- believe it or not, I have two peaches in my fridge, and three basil plants on my windowsill, so it looks like I'll be having something other than a turkey sandwich tonight!

  3. Yum, it turned out really tasty -- I added in some goat cheese, for good measure. Thanks for sharing!