Tuesday, August 3, 2010

my landlord, Andy Warhol

I was doing my daily peruse of blogs, particularly Mandy's blog, 16 House (a true favorite of mine!) and I had to stop dead in my tracks when I came upon this photobooth collage of Andy Warhol making various cooky faces...and realized that he looks just like my LANDLORD! Most people hate their landlords- they are the ones who come to collect your astronomical rent at the beginning of each month and walk around with a grumpy face as if their lives are simply the worst. However, Peter is the exact opposite. He is a quiet soul. My apartment building has a very old, classy feel to it, as do most of the people living there. Peter keeps it that way- he somehow allows people to bring in their huge doggies (myself included), accepts the college students despite the office manager's seeming opposition to it, and still manages to keep a wonderfully home-y environment. Furthermore, he's just an overall sweet guy. However, I cannot imagine him making these faces...which is why I must stare and laugh at these and enjoy the fact that they have made my morning :)

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