Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ode to Julia (Roberts)

I just got back from my date with my Nonna seeing "Eat, Pray, Love." I have to admit, the beginning was a bit odd. I was slightly taken aback by the voice of the character, Liz Gilbert, analyzing her life in the background while she went through the end of a rocky marriage (it's complexities not fully understood in the short span of time portrayed), and a rebound relationship with a spiritually-renewed boyfriend. However, once her journey began, I felt my breath taken away. Her entrance into Rome, Italy was raw and beautiful. As she creates relationships along her journey through each country, you see her develop as a person who is more aware of herself, and therefore, making it easier to be more aware of those around her.

Again, I haven't had the opportunity read the book, and it's mostly due to the fact that I've heard bad things about it- that Liz Gilbert, as someone writing about herself, is rather selfish. However, throughout the entire film, I could not think anything but the opposite. This woman was leaving her marriage not just for her sake, but for the sake of her husband who also seemed extremely unhappy and dissatisfied with the life he was living, always trying something new but never fully committing. As she traveled from place to place, she discovered herself as she made more meaningful relationships with those she met along the way. Javier Bardem, in particular, is a helpful character during times of hardship...and his fiiine looks don't hurt.

So here it is, my "Ode to Julia":

Oooh Julia. When will the day arrive that we finally meet? Your brilliance, kind face and jovial laugh get me every time. I can only count the days until that moment arrives, when we cross paths on the streets of some lonely road, and you and I are the only people around. You are my secret female desire- my "woman crush," so to speak. Until then, I will watch your films with devotion. I will smile when you smile, cry when you cry, and laugh (although, not quite as loudly) when you laugh. Thank you for being a true lady of Hollywood, and not some Lindsay Lohan, spotlight hogging, LA narcissist. You are one in a million.


p.s. The soundtrack is also fabulous. I couldn't help but think to myself during the entire film, "God, I love that song" during every scene!

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  1. I LOVE Julia!!! And I LOVE your blog, I gave you an award :)