Monday, August 9, 2010

best friend.

Salman is leaving for medical school tomorrow night in his home state of Texas. I am beyond thrilled for him. He is absolutely brilliant, while also being the most humble and beautiful man I have ever known. However, it is going to be hard living without him for so many months at a time.

When you begin a relationship with someone it is new, exciting and unfamiliar. Your lives, which have been separate for so long, are now together. It can be frustrating and difficult at times to understand this concept of "together." Your former life as a single person is suddenly hit by an earthquake of new emotions and events. However, after the earthquake tremors cease and the land comes back to its normal pace of life, you begin to feel the joy and comfort that comes with being in love. You know that all your worries aren't being carried by you alone- there's someone sharing the load with you. There's someone helping to bring excitement and ease to your life, all at the same time.

Now, it's time to get used to a new life- together, but apart. The way of living I spent countless hours getting used to a year ago is now my safety blanket, and I'm again forced to part with something all-too-familiar in order to face another lifestyle. However, I know that the love we share is strong and steady, so I'll hold onto that and keep remembering that 4 years can go by in a heartbeat if we try hard enough ;)

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  1. I have the utmost faith that you two will be just fine. I've been with my boyfriend for almost four years now, and the time certainly does fly. My uncle has been with his boyfriend for seven years and only recently did they move in together. After the first year they were together, his partner moved to Boston. My uncle lived in San Francisco. They commuted back and forth for six years before finally setting in Yonkers together. They are just as in love now as they were at the beginning. Distance, without a doubt, makes the heart grow fonder. Your moments together, however far between, will be that much sweeter.

    Make sure you keep a picture of him with you, for those moments when you need to see him looking at you. You'll survive beautifully.

  2. Aw, what an eloquent way to describe an emotionally complex situation. He's lucky that you're so supportive and strong!