Thursday, April 29, 2010

Have you ever left without your coffee?

(Sometimes, I just come along something and cannot remember how I got there in the first place.)

{picture via here}
I found this print online by artist, Sandra Juto. It reminds me of my weekend in NYC when we came upon an Italian bakery and cafe that had coincidentally just opened up that day! The woman who owned the bakery was this tall, thin, loud and beautiful Italian woman. Even after being open since 7am (the bakery, Il Cantuccio, is open from 7am-4am!) she had this enormous bundle of energy. She had these huge wicker baskets piled high with biscotti and cookies that she kept handing out to people who would walk in. One of her biscotti had these huge, rich, smooth chunks of chocolate bulging from the inside, while others were bursting with figs and apricot pieces. After filling my belly with samples, I finally decided on a "moka," which was made old-school-style with an Italian stovetop espresso pot. So delicious.

...This print also reminds me of the fact that I made myself a nice hot to-go cup of french press coffee this morning and left it at my apartment without realizing it until I got on the bus to work. Poo.

Preview of next few posts: I cannot wait to share pictures from our weekend in new york + Greg Mortenson speaking at the Meyerhoff in Baltimore! So much to tell, and always so little time.

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