Monday, July 19, 2010

"Waiting for Superman"

I'm praying that everybody sees this film and understands the priceless value of a quality education...and that every child DESERVES it.

p.s. I am still in unpacking mode (for some reason, unpacking takes a lot longer than packing for me). Once I have everything in it's rightful place, I will be sure to post pictures from the Magic Kingdom and beyond!


  1. First let me say that I agree with the premise of this movie -something is wrong with the education system in America. However, as a teacher, I am REALLY bothered by the fact that at least in the trailer the ONLY two adults interviewed are Michelle Rhee, the head of DC public schools and a very anti-teacher administrator in my opinion, and Greg Canada, who definitely heads up a wildly successful program but it's a charter school. The Harlem Project has zero requirements under the government comparable to public schools. It just really bothers me that these movies never ask teachers about their opinions. We have opinions too; we have ideas too about what's wrong with the system, ideas that probably are more informed than the average person, let alone the average administrator. I just wish these documentaries would talk to us too. I just wish we would be given the chance to work on the system together instead of being typically vilified by it. We want the best for the children too; ask any teacher.

    On a positive note, I am glad they talked to the children. They too have good ideas, though I wish they asked them questions about schools and classrooms instead of just "what do you want to be when you grow up". Ask a child about the perfect school, and you might be surprised what intelligent answer you're given.

  2. This looks like a movie I would def. Watch. thanks!!!