Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Leafy Green Timeline

We found our CSA share!!! It must've been hiding...One Straw Farm also distributes people's shares at the JHU East Baltimore campus (where I work) and we were able to pick ours up from them on Tuesday. Here is a recap of this share's lifeline within our kitchen as of yesterday...

We got about 5 different types of leafy greens...I will have to figure out some different recipes in order to use them all. They are all so colorful, though! There's red lettuce, green lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, and arugula. We also got some radishes, and garlic snape (??), as well as 3 (yes, three!) quarts of strawberries. Unfortunately, my excitement over the strawberries was matched by Oregon, who successfully inhaled an entire quart while I was out of the kitchen for 5 seconds. I mean, it was as if they didn't even exist when I came back! At least she's got good taste in food ;)

strawberries pre-Oregon attack
Innocent little Oregon, sitting on her rug in the kitchen...paying no mind...

overcome with guilt, post-strawberry consumption.

Mixed greens, Strawberry, red bell pepper, sliced almond salad with homemade honey mustard dressing! YUM!

These are our asparagus from the farmer's market...they weren't included in our share, but they were still SO delicious. They're also grown using "hydroponics," meaning they're grown in water without soil! Isn't that crazy?? They are also such lovely colors :)

Steam-sauteed with some olive oil, salt and pepper...and voila! (I call it "steam-sautee" because I put them in the pan on the stove top but then put a lid over top and seal in the moisture while the flame is on so they don't release all of their nutrients...look how green they turn out, too!)

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