Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bikeride to Work

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Today was my first day riding my bike to work! I've always been a bit apprehensive about riding into work on my own. I love the city, but Baltimore can sometimes be a bit intimidating. However, my friend Nicole from the 4K team last summer is working on the same campus as me since she's graduated, and she posed the idea that we bike in to work together. What a beautiful morning it was, too :) The heat and humidity is gone for now, and the cool breeze felt wonderful as we coasted down Guilford Ave.

It also gives you the feeling that you're doing something to relieve the planet of those ever-bothersome carbon emissions! I take a shuttle to work everyday, usually, which is ok. However, maybe me giving up my seat on the shuttle a couple days a week will allow someone else to take it, rather than driving their car into work....who knows :)

CSA sidenote: Apparently, we aren't supposed to pick up our CSA share until this coming weekend, but we did come across some delicious two-toned asparagus that were oh-so-delicious last night sauteed with olive oil, salt and peppa! Pictures to come.

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  1. I totally need to travel in time back to age 5 & learn to ride a bike.