Tuesday, February 24, 2009

La Philosophie de la Bicyclette (par moi)

When I titled this blog, I was looking for something catchy or clever that could be universally identifiable. Now that I've shared my embarrassments here and there, I feel it's only appropriate for me to offer up a little bit of amateur philosophy. No, I'm not going to quote Lance Armstrong or give some lengthy Foucault-ish train of thought, only to contradict myself in the end. It's more of a reader's digest version. Do with it what you'd like:

Bicycle (n.): The desire, or constant hunger, for knowledge and truth.

Travel (v. or n.): To seek out truth; the action of seeking-out that one embarks upon in order to find truth.

...happy riding.

1 comment:

  1. I see sprinkles of Keith Harmon Snow in this! Loving it!

    Btw could you have planned your departure from JHU any better? Incidentally, you will be leaving the university with the motto "The Truth Will Set You Free" on a bicycle!