Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm terrible at thinking of titles

My severe lack of bicycling knowledge, along with my complete absence of traveling experience will make for an interesting literary journey. These entries are written by a college senior whose aspirations for travel and "cycling stardom" have yet to be achieved. I am an amateur cyclist who has no particular desire to ride with Lance Armstrong and has experienced more exotic food than exotic places. I can imagine how excited you are by now (with sarcastic tone). Don't leave yet! I'm not just setting you up for blank space. God, if that were the case, I just wasted the past 3 hours of my life trying to pick out a template and font for a whole lot of nothing. No worries. I'm hoping to not upset and possibly give you some entertaining stories of my many stumbles and an occasional success as I end my college career in order to attempt bigger and better things. Here's a glimpse into the not-so-distant future: I am prepping myself (more mentally than physically, right now) to ride my bike across the country. The 4K for Cancer is a charitable organization that originated at Johns Hopkins University in 2001. ( I'd seen various friends/acquaintances make the commitment during their college education and come back with a sense that they've had the ability to change lives (and the ability to consume an enormous amount of calories in a two-month span). By the end of $4,000 raised and 4,000 miles traveled by bike (from Baltimore, MD to the Golden Gate Bridge in SF), there's a sense you will be stronger for it. You also have ample time to think...and think...and think. No iPods on this workout, my friend. Beginning in the end of May, all I'll have is the wind in my face, my butt on the seat, and an expanse around me that I'm sure will continuously take my breath away. By the Golden Gate Bridge, I should have my entire life planned to a T. Okay, not exactly...but hopefully I'll know what's coming next.

As any college graduate can attest to, your senior year is about the anticipation and sick-to-your-stomach feeling of "what happens now?". Being an international studies major, I can safely say that I have no idea what's coming. Up to this point, it's been all about "shaping a changing world." Sounds very specific, right? This was the slogan that my all-girls private high school would send their graduates out into the world with after we finished jumping into a ceremonial fountain and lighting up our cigars. However, this particular phrase can encompass a slew of future endeavors, and after all is said and done, there are very few guidebooks to shaping something that keeps morphing into an uglier and more ferocious place. Therefore, the most popular next-step for any white, suburban-raised kid is college. Now that I'm heading for the exit sign, I realize that there is no "next step." Hmmm...

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  1. Hahaha I enjoyed reading your blog thus far. I wish you the best of luck with achieving your "cycling stardom!" Miss you!