Thursday, February 12, 2009

The athlete's palate vs. my palate

I can't help myself. It's like a drug. The dark molten chocolate dripping from every creamy surface; the warm, erotic feeling I get when I take a slow, delicious bite and my taste buds scream with excitement. If I can't taste it, then I can spend hours just flipping through the images on my computer screen. I think I'm bordering on addiction.
Food porn. It's my new obsession. (Now get your heads out of the gutter, please.) Thanks to my foody friend (whom I will keep anonymous) I am officially hooked on food blogs, websites, and cookbooks with enough appetizing photography to inspire a slight drool by the time I reach it's second or third page. Honestly, you can't blame me. Discovering the plethora of online images and recipes that constitute most of this modern age's food porn can be highly dangerous, though. Most recently, I spent over an hour perusing the frosted goodness that is the Cupcake Bakeshop blog: along with the clever fusion-frenzied blog of a California grad student:
You might be wondering, "Wow, this girls wants to bike across the country and she can afford to indulge in all of this sugary sin?" Well, no. This is why I've decided to promote the practice of Food Porn. There is no doubt that it tempts the tongue to scroll through each perfectly presented image. However, it can also be a means of control- by indulging in your fantasies via online images, you can keep your cravings at bay when the ultimate test waves its sugar-coated hands in front of your face.

Despite the frequent success of this method, I must admit that every once and a while, you need to dip your cherries into the dark...chocolate that is.

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