Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Recipe and Review

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So, this was my first valentine's day spent with a loved one (other than family). Like most single women, I spent each year up to this point detesting the psuedo holiday. I couldn't possibly understand who thought it was fine to celebrate the happy union of some while others are left out in the cold to be reminded of their singular existence.

Of course, I had the opportunity to reconsider my views after this past valentine's day. In the end, I came out with a similar perspective: you shouldn't need a day to celebrate your love for someone...for anyone! Of course it's nice to have an excuse to eat exhorbitant amounts of chocolate and go out to dinner, etc. However, if you truly love the person/people in your life, you'll spend each day loving them more than the previous.

Every day should be valentine's day.

p.s. Check out Gesine's "CooCoo for Cocoa Crepe Cake" recipe on her blog! My friend Juhee has made crepe cake before and it is to die for.

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