Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oregon (Trail)

Name: Oregon Trail Mix (yes, we've decided that will be her full name...Oregon for short :)
Age: 1 year (approx.)
Breed: Pointer mixed with fireball (she's got LOADS of energy)
Birthday: February 14, 2009 (I got to pick the date)
Favorite activity: sneaking onto the Hopkins Lacrosse field at night and chasing after lacrosse balls; pursuing the occassional rabbit or squirrel
Favorite foods: Organic treats from Trader Joe's! (yes, they do exist.)
Virtues: Knows almost every command in the book (sit, stay, paw, down...)
Not-so-much virtues: she likes to jump on the couch when no one's looking; can destroy any toy you give her

Does anybody know of some "indestructible" toys on the market? I gave her a Nylabone yesterday and she's already wearing it down to the bitter end.

Any training tips out there for keeping a doggy off the couch? I'm not a fan of the whole, "slap her on the nose" or "smack her bottom" tactics. We're going for non-violent, especially since she's adopted and you never know if she'd been hurt in the past.

All-in-all, she's a sweetheart and loves to be loved!


  1. i know absolutely nothing about training a dog because we always had outside dogs, but i love the name you picked!! she is a cutie! good luck with the training & kudos to you for adopting a dog.

  2. I love that you adopted. We tried to adopt but I would cry everytime we walked in the shelter and I would try to take home the oldest sadest looking dog. :) maybe next time.
    I would try getting a special bed for her that she thinks is compfortable right next to thr couch and then when she does jump up lead her to that bed instead. Also I roll my dog on her back instead of spanking them. the whole 'leader of the pack thing.'