Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wild Thing

What I love second to food is watching movies. And there is never anything that satiates a movie junkie's palette more than watching previews. I can't get enough of them, mostly because they are like crack (in a very PG way).

TODAY: Friday, October 16th is the release date for "Where the Wild Things Are" and NPR had a wonderful episode this afternoon previewing the film and its ability to mesmerize the young and allow the older crowd to shed some long-withheld tears.

For your viewing pleasure, all things wild...

little wild thing (thanks, Laurel, for sharing this photo!)

wild hugs

wild hair

wild moves

wild view

**Look for a review of this movie (after I see it tonight!!) on my new blog that I am co-authoring: Critique-ly Acclaimed!


  1. YEah!!! you are going to see the movie!!!I can not wait to read your review. I am afraid it will not be as good as the book... and at the same time I am hopeing it will be a million times better! (You know what I mean?)

  2. the movie was absolutely wonderful; euphoric :)