Monday, October 5, 2009

West Coast (gluten-free!) Love Revisited

After a long absence from this blog, I am returning at the pleasant surprise of a new follower! With a renewed hope that word will continue to spread, I am taking advantage of my newfound freedom as a recent college graduate to bring back a bit o' beauty.

I began following this delicious blog, Tartlette, after a friend of mine turned me on to baking. Now that my addiction has gotten the best of me and my wallet, I have discovered that cookbooks are a thing of the past and food websites are the poor man's solution to finding delicious, easy-to-follow recipes without spending a penny! Ideally, I would save the money that I don't spend on cookbooks and put it towards more useful things, like rent. However, it always seems to just end up funding my ever-expanding grocery list these days...

Her newest posts refer to San Francisco, the city I simply cannot get enough of ever since I spent this past summer biking across the country from Baltimore, MD to San Fran, CA. The journey was wonderfully epic, to say the least! (You can actually check out my other blog, Have Bicycle, Will Travel, if you want to catch a glimpse of my experiences on the road, along with other bicycle/travel related tid-bits.) One of my teammates was allergic to gluten, so it became a bit of a struggle for her when we were stuck in the middle of nowhere with only some granola bars to keep us company. The recipe on this website is GLUTEN-FREE, though! Another plus.

To sum it up, her combination of delectable desserts and and an even more delectable city is irresistible. I have yet to try the recipe, but as soon as I do, look out for a review.


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  1. The Tartlette blog is just well beautiful. I would subscribe to it even if I wasn't a food lover aka foodie. (but I am ... so I get the best of both worlds! ) Thanks for the link!