Monday, September 27, 2010

Dress Lust

Do you ever do what I do? I walk into Anthropologie, all cool and collected, and peruse through the items in the front of the store. I'm fully aware that they cost more than any normal person should spend on such things, but I pretend that it doesn't phase me. I pick up a dress or two off the display and stop in the clearance room to pick up some more affordable (but still too expensive) items, then saunter over to the dressing room.

This is where the trouble begins.

You try on the clearance items, and they all fit strangely, puckering in weird places and are just plain unattractive. Then, you dare to try on the dresses from the front of the store. They're neatly hung on their wooden hangers, fluttering their eyelashes at you, beckoning you to just try them on, to wear their gorgeous threads only for a minute and be the girl with the beautiful, expensive dress on. It's like slipping into a warm bubble bath. Soft, comfortable, and just the right temperature.

Well, this is my "bubble bath" dress. Tell me you have one, too?


  1. What a lovely dress!!! I definitely have a very similar Anthro ritual -- sometimes trying on the full-price items pays off. This spring, I found the perfect anniversary dress in February. By the time I actually needed it in April, it was on sale online (though sold out in Towson). But, I knew what size fit perfectly, so I was able to order it online without those usual "ooh, will it fit?" reservations.

    Also, I discovered with my birthday dress from a very kind salesgirl (apparently I have a pattern of using special holidays as excuses for Anthro dresses), if you point out the tiniest flaw on a dress, like a minor lipstick stain or a pulled thread, they'll give 10-15% off, without a problem!

  2. And now you have the dress!!! a la here:

    most gorgeous woman in the world :)