Monday, August 3, 2009

The Palm Tree

One of my 4K teammates, Kate, rode this summer in honor of Johnny, a close family friend who passed away from cancer and had a wife and daughters. During a vacation, he was the only one to immediately point out a palm tree along the road. "Look! A palm tree! I've never seen a palm tree before." After his death, Johnny was remembered for the beauty that he saw in the slightest of things.

During one of our rides through the Valley, Kate was having a particularly difficult day. Despite the widespread hesitancy to return to "real life," we were all pretty anxious for our arrival into San Francisco, and an eighty-some mile day could seem like over a century at this point.
As her team was riding down the road, Kate spotted a palm tree for the first time on the trip and without thinking about it she pointed the plant out to her team. "Hey look guys, a palm tree!" Diana then responded with, "Oh my gosh, I've never seen a palm tree before!"

Kate- Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.

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