Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life Afterwards

One word: Boring.

After cycling across the country, my days are never full. Productivity is overrated when I seem to be in the same place I was yesterday. Life is a constant state of lethargy.

Therefore, I've decided that the best solution to this ill existence is to start planning for the next adventure. With my destination unknown, I've decided to travel abroad in January of 2010, return for a brief time, and then make my way to South America for another cycling expedition...grad school will fit in somewhere. Don't call me crazy yet, since none of this is near finalized and I fully acknowledge the fact that money doesn't grow on trees, especially when the reality of college loans is pulling me back to earth. However, something I have learned is that money does exist in unexpected places. Hopefully, with the assistance of grants and yet-to-be discovered funding, I will be able to go places and do work I've been craving after for so long.

Until then, I'm here in Pennsylvania. I know I tend to make somewhat sweeping generalizations when I talk about my hometown, particularly the fact that I feel I can narrow the population down to mostly white, upper class teenagers and young adults who are living off of their parents while they skate through life as part-time baristas. (Again, a sweeping generalization...although, my accuracy at times amazes me.) Therefore, while I spend the next few months in limbo, I'm relying on my future to get me through the present, and of course a bit o' cycling.

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