Saturday, March 28, 2009

Get Creative.

I haven't even graduated yet, I haven't had the opportunity to feel the full weight of the economic crisis as a completely independent adult, and I am already scrounging for money. Fundraising has proved more difficult than I thought. Last week I spent spring break handing out pamphlets trying to convince people that they were the next person to cure cancer if they gave me a few dollars. Instead, every bike shop and their mother is barely making it with the economic downturn.
I have had some very generous donors...actually, all of my donors are generous considering the circumstances! However, it's time to turn up the heat. I've never been one to be comfortable asking for money. When I was in grade school, I was always the kid who would have her entire family listed next to several different kinds of wrapping paper for the school fundraiser. This time it's different, of course. I'm not trying to raise $50 in order to be eligible for a glow in the dark slinky. I'm raising this money for a cause much greater than myself. Hence, I'm going to put aside my reservations and power forward.
Some people have had some great ideas, too! One person suggested providing return envelopes with letters for people to submit their donation. Another one, which is a bit more extravagant, is to email someone famous with the same nationality as you. You know, tap into that whole, "support the (enter your nationality) community!" mentality.
One girl emailed Ellen Degeneres. I'm rooting for her to get a call back in a few days.

"Hey Oprah! It's Jacqueline Sofia. Great- So that was $50,000 you said?"

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