Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ain't She a Beaut?

Well, here she is- my future baby, in the flesh, so to speak. On May 31st, there will be 29 of these bad boys lined up at the Baltimore Inner Harbor in preparation to make our 4,000 mile trek to San Francisco, CA. Don't you feel fast just looking at it? If you even feel so inclined, go ahead and make a donation to the 4K for Cancer under my name at our website! http://www.4kforcancer.org (I would've superimposed my picture on the bike to add the extra allure, but I'm at the library shamelessly procrastinating before an exam and have no access to an "action shot" of myself.)

1 comment:

  1. That bike is absolutely STUNNING! If Lance Armstrong's bike thief saw your bike and LA's together, he'd probably have a tough time choosing!