Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How To Taste Chocolate

Tcho chocolate has these cute little taster sets. Who knew that 8 tiny squares of chocolate could go such a long way in satisfying your craving?

Along with your sampler, you also get an instruction card for "How to Taste Chocolate." Follow these six simple rules to becoming a chocolate connoisseur:

1. Look for a consistent color and shiny finish on your chocolate; this signifies well-crafted chocolate.

2. Listen for a clean, bright snap when you break your chocolate; this is an indicator of good tempering.

3. Smell is a significant determinant to taste; gently rub a piece then inhale deeply and note the aromas.

4. Taste by placing the chocolate on your tongue without biting into it; let it soften to release the flavors.

5. Feel the chocolate's texture in your mouth; it should melt evenly and feel smooth and silky.

6. Aftertaste, or the "finish," can sometimes be very different from the initial flavor you tasted; as the chocolate melts on your tongue, notice how it changes.

Thanks, Tcho.

Maybe your next event could be a chocolate tasting?!

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