Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[white] jacket required

This past weekend I went to Dallas to celebrate the man's birthday, as well as his white coat ceremony. We pretty much ate our way through the weekend (what else did you think we'd do?) I will admit, I went into Dallas with (only slightly) low expectations, but the food quickly surpassed my judgment. We first went to The French Room, a "too expensive, but did it anyway for birthday's sake" kind of place. I tend to pay little attention to prices when the food is so delicious...and the company just as much so ;) It's as if I'm in a food coma- you could probably put me in debt, as long as you feed me amazing food and slide the bill in front of me within 1 hour of consuming it all.

Saturday we stopped at Urban Dog Coffee before heading to the white coat ceremony. Outside they were holding a dog adoption event, with all the pooches dressed up for Halloween! It was adorable and I couldn't help snagging a few photos before we left.

This picture makes me crack up- Salman's family was there for the ceremony, and I was sweating bullets the entire time. When his brother asked us if we wanted our picture taken, I was so nervous to get too close to Salman in case his parents were I awkwardly side-hugged him for the photo.

After the ceremony we had an enormous dinner at the family's house. His mother cooked us a full-on Pakistani meal, with dessert to match. I was practically busting out of my dress as I continued to eat the last bites off my plate. (sorry, no pictures to share...we ate it that fast!)

Sunday before I left all teary-eyed for the airport, we ventured to The Grape Restaurant, an indoor and outdoor eatery that is famous for its brunch menu. Cinnamon pull-apart and polenta fritters, oh my! Cappuccino was magnifique.

...At first I thought that a vegetarian probably doesn't bode well in beef-driven Dallas. However, I was able to get by with a very satisfied palette, plus food to-go!

Thank you, babe, for such a great weekend.

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  1. Wow! It looks like an amazing trip, in every way possible!!!