Friday, October 8, 2010

oh lord...sigh.

It has been a hectic week. Crazy does not even begin to describe the roller coaster that I've been on. Lots of late nights, paper writing, meetings, mass baking/cooking (for others, not me), meetings, (did I say meetings?) and everything in between. However, things are finally settling down into their normal only-slightly-crazy schedule.

I've been skimping on meals/meal preparation for the past few days- with everything going on, I've barely had a moment to make something delicious (and nutritious) for myself to enjoy and be thoroughly pleased about. Therefore, I am announcing a dish of culinary coziness that you all should make just for yourself this weekend!

I found this gnocchi dish on The Cutting Edge, and it made my taste buds swoon. With all of the chilly weather that has debuted recently, I figured a nice, comfy meal would do the trick. This is a twist on a traditional italian pasta dish. I can definitely see this mac+cheese in a bowl on my lap as I sit on my sofa and watch tv episodes from the past week...

Bon Appetit! And have a lovely, relaxing weekend.

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