Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting Through

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As much as I love to see the beautiful and positive things in life, sometimes, it can get tough. Money can become tight and responsibilities can pile up fast. I'm currently beginning prerequisite classes so that I can apply to nursing school in the Fall (gulp!). Along with the doggy and a full-time job, life is becoming pretty hectic.

However, one thing I'm always sure to remind myself is that no one gets anywhere without hitting a rough patch here or there. My parents got married with hardly any money while they both worked full-time in order to make ends meet. When I remember stories like that of people who persevere through the hard stuff and come out so gracefully on the other side, it gets my blood pumping and tells me that nothing is impossible if you work hard enough. Therefore, I am going to hang on for dear life and work my hardest at whatever comes my way! Wish me luck!


  1. Oh good luck! I know that feeling we have all been there. Resposibility is tuff. Good luck with nursing school I know how difficult that is to get in. (I work at a community college) You will be great! Remeber we often give up on the verge of success... so continue to work for what you want and it will come to you!

  2. Love this post---I can SO relate right about now. John and I are working so hard to saving up for our modest wedding and our move to California. It's tough at times, but we just have to keep thinking positive. You can do it!! XO Katie

  3. You are going to be so fine, with positive thinking and your great attitude, and that wonderful example set by your parents you can't go wrong. XXX

  4. thanks for reminding me the positive thinking which I need in my life lately too
    and good luck for you!