Friday, January 22, 2010

B'Day cravings!

Although the weather is a bit dreary, I have vowed to stay particularly positive today since it is my birthday! Thanks to my boyfriend, I had a beautiful surprise dinner party last night with some of my closest friends. (He even managed to convince my friend Juliana to drive up all the way from Virginia for the petite soiree!) My master baker of a friend, Juhee, made the most delicious chocolate torte (aka Queen of Sheeba cake). Best birthday cake by far. All in all, it was truly a special night.

Now, to some things that I have been craving all day...

My sissy gave me this Anthro apron as a housewarming gift before I moved back to Baltimore. Sometimes, I believe I bake just so I can put it on. Kind of wish I was baking right now instead of sitting at my desk at work!

Speaking of Anthropologie... My bathroom is not nearly large enough to fit more than a person and a half inside, let along an entire bookcase...but a girl can dream.

I've recently acquired a french press (a present from Salman) and now nothing else can compare. The good thing is that it saves me from spending all of my cash on coffee each week! Plus, it's eco-friendly since there is no use for paper filters. I also just bought a french roast from Trader Joe's. Highly recommended!

{via bodum}

...And of course, what is a cup of coffee without bread or pastry (or cake?) on the side?? Most beautiful bakery as of yet is Balthazar Bakery in NYC. It's as if the breads and pastries were born from the golden walls of this patisserie.

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  1. Happy birthday girlie!!! how exciting!!!

  2. happy birthday!! that apron is the perfect shade of yellow.