Monday, May 11, 2009

ain't no mountain high enough

One of the 4K team members, Travis, put together this amazing elevation map of our trip!!! Just to give you all an idea of what we'll be up you can see, the elevation gets pretty ridiculous once we pass the midwest.

On a more immediate note: Today we did one of our first longer rides as a team through the rural roads around Baltimore county and near Towson. I was caught a bit off-guard when we hit some of the hills, but Raffi led the ride and he was merciful enough to go steadily. I definitely have respect for those who lead the rides each day. It's more difficult than it looks to keep a steady pace for those following you. You always have to make sure that you're not dropping people and you're going at just the right a mama duck leading all of her little baby ducklings.

ALSO...a HUGE THANK YOU to those who have donated thus far! I'm on my way to reaching my $4,000 fundraising goal! The deadline has been extended to May 31st! Therefore, if you'd like to help me help cancer patients, here's where you can go: (this is my donation homepage)

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